Sat, 25 Oct 2014
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WELCOME TO HAMPTON, IOWA! Welcome to the City of Hampton Website! We hope you find this site a useful resource for various information about the City of Hampton.

Please, contact City Hall if you have any questions or comments on how we might further assist you. Thank you!
122 1st Avenue NW
Hampton, IA 50441

Image of Pride - October Award - Kathy Jones
The Image of Pride's recommendation for the October Award approved by the City Council at their October 9th meeting was to Kathy Jones for her property at 709 3rd Avenue SE.

Congratulations and much appreciation, Kathy!

Those pictured left to right (standing): Council Members Dick Lukensmeyer, Meghan Freie and Jim Davies; Kathy Jones and Council Member Steve Harms. Seated are Mayor Brook Boehmler and Council Member Dyanne Pralle.
Image of Pride - October Award - Kathy Jones

Image of Pride - September Award - Jeff & Beth Jaacks
Image of Pride - September Award - Jeff & Beth Jaacks The Image of Pride's recommendation for the September Award approved by the City Council at their September 11th meeting was to Jeff & Beth Jaacks. Jaacks were nominated for their property, located at 323 19th Avenue NE. Congratulations and gratitude to Jeff & Beth!

Those pictured left to right (standing): Council Members Jim Davies and Dick Lukensmeyer, Jeff & Beth Jaacks, Council Members Jay Hickman, Steve Harms, and seated are Dyanne Pralle and Meghan Freie.

Mayor signs Constitution Day Proclamation
Mayor Brook Boehmler signed a Constitution Day Proclamation, presented by Linda Allan on behalf of the Candlestick Chapter of the D.A.R. at the City Council's September 8th Workshop. The 2014 proclamation is for September 17th - 23rd.

Those pictured left to right (standing): Council Members Dick Lukensmeyer, Meghan Freie, Jim Davies, D.A.R. Candlestick Chapter representative Linda Allan, Council Members Jay Hickman and Steve Harms; (seated) Mayor Brook Boehmler and Council Member Dyanne Pralle.
Mayor signs Constitution Day Proclamation

Image of Pride - August Award - Chuck & Joni Svendsen
Image of Pride - August Award - Chuck & Joni Svendsen The Image of Pride's recommendation for the August Award approved by the City Council at their August 28th meeting was to Chuck & Joni Svendsen. Svendsens were nominated for their property, located at 802 1st Avenue SE. Congratulations and appreciation to Chuck & Joni!

Council Ward I vacancy filled by appointment - Meghan Freie
The Hampton City Council appointed Meghan Freie to fill the Council Ward I vacancy at their July 24th regular session. She was sworn into office immediately following the meeting, and she will serve through the end of the Ward I term (December 31, 2015). Council Ward I vacancy filled by appointment - Meghan Freie

Walnut Coin Fund Raiser
Walnut Coin Fund Raiser The Hampton Tree Board has secured wooden coins crafted from walnut trees harvested from Harriman Park earlier this year. These 2014 walnut coins may be purchased during the Franklin County Fair at the Franklin County Tourism booth for $5.00 each. All proceeds will go toward funds used in the Tree Board's tree replacement and restoration efforts in City parks and properties.

Following the Fair, contact City Hall for their availability and purchase.

With the onset of the lawn mowing season, property owners should plan or make arrangements for regular maintenance of lawns at any occupied or vacant residential, commercial or vacant lots within the city limits. Non-compliance will be monitored and action taken in accordance with City Code.

Those seeking to provide lawn mowing & trimming services may leave their information with City Hall, in the event property owners are inquiring about services available for hire.

Check the "Code Enforcement" section of this website for responsibilities of property owners for lawn maintenance requirements enforced by the City.

SEVERE WEATHER WARNINGS The website link to Iowa Homeland Security and Emergency Management regarding severe weather preparedness is available in the Community Resources section of this website.

In the event a funnel cloud has been identified by trained weather spotters as likely to affect the town of Hampton and reported to authorities or when the National Weather Service has issued a TORNADO WARNING for Franklin County with Hampton in the path of the storm, civil defense warning sirens will be activated. Sirens are programmed to sound for three minutes each time they're activated. NO ALL CLEAR SIGNAL WILL BE GIVEN. If warning sirens are activated again, it is an indication of ANOTHER tornado sighting.


Tune radio to KLMJ FM-104.9 for local weather updates.

DO NOT call 911 with non-emergency matters.

HAMPTON EMERGENCY SIREN TESTING IS CARRIED OUT ON THE SECOND MONDAY OF EACH MONTH AT 1:00 P.M., unless potentially threatening weather conditions already exist at that time. (If routine test schedule is postponed, it will be rescheduled for the next day at the same time, when weather conditions are non-threatening.)

Aquatic Center Season Passes
The Hampton Aquatic Center Season Passes are available for purchase at the Aquatic Center.

Family Pass - $135
Single Pass - $60
Senior Pass (Age 55 & over) - $40
Senior Couple Pass - $55

Family Passes may include Parents/Guardians, dependent children, ages 18 & under. (Other relatives & guests must purchase separate season pass, punch card or daily admission.)

PRIVATE AND GROUP SWIMMING LESSONS & SWIM TEAM REGISTRATION INFO LISTED ON SEPARATE ANNOUNCEMENT. Registrations may be made at the Aquatic Center. After that, registration must be made at the Aquatic Center. Group Lessons limited to 8 swimmers per level in one of two time slots. Two Sessions offered this season; June 9th - 20th and June 23rd - July 3rd. Only 40 openings available for Private Lessons this season; first-come, first-served basis.

Aquatic Center Season Passes

MISSING PERSON - $20K Reward (Ethan Kazmerzak)
MISSING PERSON - $20K Reward (Ethan Kazmerzak) The Hampton Police Department is investigating the disappearance of Ethan Kazmerzak, age 22, of Hampton; last seen in rural Hampton shortly after midnight, Sunday, September 15th. His silver 2006 Volkswagen Jetta, License #AUZ382, is also missing.

This reward shall only be payable to any person or persons for any relevant and useful information that leads to the location and/or safe return of Ethan Kazmerzak.

This reward shall not be payable to any person or persons: (1) who assisted or participated in the disappearance of Ethan Kazmerzak (2) who work for an organization involved in the location of missing persons.

This reward is limited to all or part of $20,000 total in the event of multiple claimants to the reward.

THIS REWARD OFFER PREVIOUSLY EXPIRED ON DECEMBER 2, 2013, BUT IN MARCH 2014 WAS EXTENDED AT THE DISCRETION OF THE OFFEROR. Information on how to submit a claim for the reward can be obtained by calling the phone number below.

Anyone having information relating to the disappearance or the current location of Ethan Kazmerzak should call the North Iowa Crime Stoppers at 800-383-0088 or the Hampton Police Department at 641-456-2529.

Click "More Info" for image of the poster available for distribution.

Congratulations Captain Morrison!
Mark Morrison was promoted to the rank of Police Captain, following City Council approval at their regular session on Thursday, February 13th.

Morrison began his employment as a Police Officer with the Hampton Police Department in February 2005.

Congratulations and thank you for your service, Captain Morrison!
Congratulations Captain Morrison!

Officials Sworn In
Officials Sworn In Mayor Shawn Dietz administered the oaths of office for the swearing in of elected Council Members Dick Lukensmeyer (At Large) and Jay Hickman (Ward IV), terms expiring December 2017; and for Mayor Brook Boehmler, term expiring December 2015. (Councilman Jim Davies - Ward II, was unable to attend and was sworn in at a later date.)

Burn Ban in effect. Open burning prohibited in City of Hampton.

105.08 SEPARATION AND DISPOSAL OF YARD WASTE. All yard waste shall be separated by the owner or occupant from all other solid waste accumulated on the premises and shall be composted, mulched or utilized or burned on the premises in such a manner so as not to cause a public nuisance, or placed in acceptable containers and set out for collection. As used in this section, “yard waste” means any debris such as grass clippings, leaves, garden waste, brush and trees. Yard waste does not include tree stumps. Burning of yard waste shall be limited to a 30-day time period in the fall of each year. Said time period will be determined by the City Manager. Burning during said 30 days shall only be allowed from 12:00 p.m. (noon) until darkness, “darkness” being defined as when the street lights come on. Burning of yard waste shall not occur at a proximity of less than 20 feet from any structure or building and shall be supervised by a competent person at all times and shall not be left unattended until the fire is completely extinguished.

Note: If the smoke generated is excessive, persons may be instructed to extinguish the burn until items are drier and likely to create less smoke. Windy conditions may also result in the need to refrain from or stop open burning. Violations will be enforced with the potential for citations and fines for non-compliance.


Free Mulch & Compost for Franklin County residents
Free Mulch & Compost for Franklin County residents The City of Hampton is offering FREE for the taking MULCH and COMPOST
to Franklin County residents while supplies last from the Hampton Compost & Brush Site.

Available for collection during regular Compost/Brush Site business hours. (Access at other times for this purpose may be arranged by contacting City Hall; weather conditions may prohibit collection options.)

NO DELIVERIES,but loading assistance available by appointment only, M-F, 7am-4pm (No Holidays) Street Dept.: 641-456-4372 - City Hall: 641-456-4853

Compost/Brush Site Schedule
The Compost/Brush Site opened for its 2014 Season on April 7th.

Spring/Summer Schedule:

Mondays & Saturdays 8AM - 6:30PM
Wednesdays & Fridays 2PM - 6:30PM

The site may be CLOSED in the event of RAIN, EXTREME TEMPERATURES or posted HOLIDAYS. (Holiday Closures: Good Friday, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Veterans Day, Friday after Thanksgiving)

The Compost/Brush Site is located on the west edge of town, north of Hwy 3 on Olive Avenue.

It's recommended that loads be secured or covered during transport to prevent the loss of items on the roadway while enroute.

Use of the site is available at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE to properties within the city limits. Gate fees are accessed to those from outside the city limits; punch cards for a reduced rate are available at City Hall (or the Police Department after regular business hours).

RESIDENTS WITHIN THE CITY LIMITS ONLY may now collect branches/wood from the brush site, after signing an acknowledgement of regulations for same with staff and acquiring a receipt for branches/wood being removed with each collection.

NOTE: The most recent BURN BAN LIFT expired November 30, 2013. Open burning is now restricted.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Click on "More Info" to view informational brochure.
Compost/Brush Site Schedule

City Council Workshops
City Council Workshops Beginning January, 2013, the City Council initiated a Workshop format for full Council on the Mondays (6PM), immediately preceding their 2nd & 4th Thursday regular sessions, rather than the previous three committee meetings. These workshops will also be open to the public.

Workshop schedules may vary during budget planning season or when conflicts with holidays or other schedules occur. Check the Calendar of Events section of this website for current information or contact City Hall to verify workshop schedules.