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Hampton Zoning Districts are designated as follows:
A-1 Agricultural
R-1 Single Family Residential
R-2 Two-Family Residential
R-3 Multi-Family Residential
MH Mobile Home
C-1 Downtown Commercial
A-T Arterial Transitional (Commercial & Residential provisions)
I-1 Light Industrial
RIC Restricted Industrial Commercial
I-2 Heavy Industrial
A Zoning District Map of Hampton is available clicking "More Info", as well as in the "Documents" section of this website in the Maps category.

NOTE: An updated zoning district map is pending for areas rezoned since 2010.
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Open burning is prohibited within Hampton City limits, except for recreational fires and a 30-day designated schedule set by the City Manager each fall. (Check the "Announcements" section of this website for dates established each fall.)
Recreational burning is defined in City Code sections provided.
Burn barrels are PROHIBITED within the city limits.
Violations will be cited and are subject to court action and fines.
Click on "More Info" for relevant City Codes.

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It is the responsibility of property owners to maintain proper length of grass and weeds on their property (not to exceed six inches in developed residential & commercial zones). All properties, including occupied, vacant, residential, commercial and vacant lots are subject to property maintenance standards.

Non-compliance is monitored, and a notice of compliance deadline is served by the City on the property owner. If the deadline is not met, the City proceeds with arranging for abatement of the violations, accessing to the owner the expense of labor & administrative fees, as well as potential municipal infraction for court action with fine. Only one notice is served for non-compliance per mowing season, with continued monitoring by the City for required maintenance throughout the season.

Make arrangements in advance for hiring private lawn care services, if you need assistance with maintaining your property. Thank you for your cooperation in this public health and curb appeal effort for the City of Hampton.

Click on "More Info" for copy of relevant City Codes.
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Contacting City Hall well in advance of starting a project is advised. When planning a project, simple or complex, a call to City Hall may save you time and money.

Please, plan accordingly and allow City Staff time to review and approve your project. Starting a project before approval is not advised. Plan reviews for complex projects may take up to ten days or longer, and some projects are restricted by zoning code regulations and may require review by the Planning & Zoning Commission and/or the Board of Adjustment, if a variance is necessary.

Do not expect immediate approval for simple projects, as staff may have to address matters of greater priority, depending on workload.

Do not estimate property line locations; it is the responsibility of the property owner to assure accuracy when site plans are submitted for permit applications. Property survey pins may or may not be easily located. If these pins or measurements from neighboring properties do not provide you accurate property line information, it is recommended a licensed surveyor be hired to assure accuracy. The City does not take responsibility for property line disputes, and if there is a question regarding property lines, any potential litigation typically can be resolved with a properly conducted survey of the property.

See "Documents" section of this website for applicable application forms for proposed projects or contact City Hall with your questions.


Before beginning a project for upgrades or improvements to a property, check for possible permits required by City Code.
Applications for the following are available in the "Documents" section of this website, and must be submitted to City Hall in advance with applicable fees to secure permission for proposed projects or requests for authorized activities:
A-T Design Review (Arterial-Transitional Zoning Districts)
Building Permit (Structures greater than 120 sq ft or additions to existing)
Conditional Use Permit (Requires Bd of Adjustment approval)
Curb Cut Permit (Cutting or grinding of existing curb)
Dumpster Permit (Allows up to 30-day placement in residential zones for construction, remodel, roofing, cleanup)
Fireworks Permit (Use of fireworks within city limits)
Home Occupation (Registration fee & City approval required)
Moving Structure Permit (Any structure greater than 120 sq ft)
Paving & Grading Permit
Sidewalk Permit (New or replacement Public sidewalk)
Sign Permit (New or replacement commercial signs)
Water & Sewer Connection (New service line)
Well Permit (More than 300 ft from existing water main)
Zoning Change (P&Z Commision review for recommendation to Council for final approval)
Zoning Permit (for Change of Use of Property, including Home Occupation, Ramps or Decks less than 30" above ground, sheds less than 120 sq ft, Satellite Dish, Fences over 30" height or on corner lots).
Permits involving construction or placement of structures on a property require a site plan (diagram of property lines, and measures of existing structures in relation to property lines and dimensions & placement of proposed structure or construction project) to accompany application forms.
Click on "More Info" for Example Site Plan.

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Owners of residential rental properties are required to register all dwellings for which they are collecting rent and/or are not owner-occupied (whether rent is collected or not), and satisfactory inspections must be carried out to acquire a Rental Housing Permit, issued by the City of Hampton. Permits are valid for up to five (5) years.

Registration forms are available at City Hall or may be printed from the "Documents" section of the website.

Contact the Code Enforcement Officer at City Hall to arrange for inspection prior to occupancy.


Parking restrictions during and after snowfall are enforced to allow for snow removal by City crews. (Register with for snow emergency announcements.)
Plan accordingly with weather forecasts to avoid citations.
Snow Ordinance parking fine schedule:
$25.00 ($5.00 penalty if not paid within 30 days of violation).
Fines payable at:
Hampton Police Department
17 2nd Street NW
Hampton, IA 50441
When off-street parking (garage, driveway or parking lot) is not available to owners or tenants, vehicles may be temporarily parked on the yard (NOT public right-of-way; area between back side of curb or edge of roadway to the property line, including sidewalk) until streets have been cleared by the City. (Plows may require more than one pass along a roadway to clear snowfall.)
City Code requires property owners to clear snow and ice from PUBLIC SIDEWALKS on their property WITHIN 24 HOURS. This includes occupied homes, businesses, vacant properties and lots with public sidewalks. Blowing or pushing snow into streets and alleys is prohibited.

Fines for Non-compliance:
$100.00, plus $85.00 Court Costs

Those unable to clear the sidewalks themselves must make arrangements for such services to avoid penalties and the expense of City abatement and administrative fees.
[See City Code references by clicking on "More Info".]
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