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Hampton Police Department (Contact Info)

17 2nd Street NW
Hampton, IA 50441
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Emergencies: Dial 911
Chief Robert Schaefer
Captain Mark Morrison
Officer Alan Brandt
Officer Michael Halsne
Officer David Kelley
Officer Jason Carroll 
Officer Brendan Kelly 

Office Hours: Monday-Friday, 8:00 A.M. - 4:00 P.M.
After Hours, Weekends and Holidays contact:
Franklin County Law Enforcement Center
105 5th Street SW, Hampton, Iowa 50441
(641) 456-2731 - Emergencies: Dial 911

Mission Statement - Vision - Values - Message


The Hampton Police Department believes in providing quality and professional police services, in partnership with the community of Hampton, to ensure the highest quality of life for our residents, visitors and businesses.

Involving the citizens of Hampton as partners to achieve a safer community.

Accountability - Leadership - Education - Respect - Innovation - Service - Integrity - Teamwork

On behalf of the twenty full and part time employees of the Hampton Police Department, we would like to welcome you to our new Home Page on the Hampton Community Website. We developed this tool to assist us in providing the highest possible service to our community.

It is a great honor for us to serve as law enforcement officials for the City of Hampton. One of our goals is to reduce and prevent crime, and this website will serve as one way for sharing information and ideas. We are very proud of our Police Department and very proud of the community we live in and serve.

A solid community partnership is the most effective way of securing our city, making it safer for all of us. Our employees are well-trained and dedicated professionals, who take pride in their work. They are ready to work with you to make our community an even better place to live.

This page belongs to the Hampton Community, and we at Hampton PD always welcome your suggestions for additions and improvements. Our effectiveness depends on our ability to communicate with you. If you would like to share any information, you're welcome to contact us by email.
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Resource Information

Check the "Community Resource Links" section of this website for various direct links to law enforcement and other categories to assist you with additional information.

Parking Regulations

Regulations regarding the parking of vehicles are found in the
City Code of Ordinances, Chapter 69.

Fines payable at:

Hampton Police Department
17 2nd Street NW
Hampton, IA 50441

[Make checks payable to Hampton PD]
[Note: Court citation issued for fines not paid within 30 days]

Click on "More Info" to review Chapter 69 for details.

Snow Removal Ordinance (Parking)

Parking restrictions during and after snowfall are enforced to allow for more efficient and safer snow removal by City crews. Plan accordingly with weather forecasts to avoid citations.
Snow Ordinance parking fine schedule:
$25.00 ($5.00 penalty if not paid within 30 days of violation; court citation issued for non-payment after 30 days).

Fines payable at:
Hampton Police Department
17 2nd Street NW
Hampton, IA 50441

When off-street parking (garage, driveway or parking lot) is not available to owners or tenants, vehicles may be temporarily parked on the yard (NOT public right-of-way; area between back side of curb or roadway to property line, including sidewalk) until streets have been cleared by the City. (Plows may require more than one pass along a roadway to clear snowfall.)

City Code also requires property owners to clear snow and ice from PUBLIC SIDEWALKS on their property WITHIN 24 HOURS. This includes occupied homes, businesses, vacant properties and lots with public sidewalks. Those who are unable to clear the sidewalks themselves must make arrangements for such services to avoid penalties and the expense of City abatement and administrative fees.

[See City Code references by clicking on "More Info"]

Fine Payments

Fines for Parking Violations are payable at:
Hampton Police Department
17 2nd Street NW
Hampton, IA 50441
[Make checks payable to Hampton PD]
[Note: Non-payment of fine results in citation for court action.]
Fines related to traffic, civil or criminal violations are payable at:
Franklin County Clerk of Court
12 1st Ave NW - Suite 203
Hampton IA 50441
[Clerk of Court Office located on the 2nd Floor of the Courthouse. - Make checks payable to Clerk of Court.]

Pet Regulations

Animal Control matters are handled by the Hampton Police Department.

City Code requires current vaccination and licensing of dogs and cats, and vaccination records must be presented at City Hall at the time of annual licensing of pets.

Annual Fees: $3.00/spayed or neutered pet; $5.00/non-altered pet
Dogs & cats are required to be confined within the boundaries of the owner's property or leashed to avoid citation being issued to the owner for pet being at large.

[See "More Info" for City Code or Ordinances relevant to Animal Control regulations.]

More Info

Open Burning Regulations

Open burning is prohibited within Hampton City limits, except for recreational fires and a 30-day designated schedule set by the City Manager each fall.
Recreational burning is defined in City Code sections provided. (Burn barrels are prohibited within the city limits).

Violations will be cited and are subject to court action and fines.

Click on "More Info" for relevant City Codes.

Nuisance Ordinances (Junk & Vehicles)

The Hampton Police Department monitors the city limits for non-compliance with junk nuisances, as well as junk vehicles. Notice of violations is served on property owner(s) and/or resident(s) responsible for the violation(s), with deadline for abatement requirements.

Non-compliance may result in citation for court appearance and potential fines and court-ordered compliance or City abatement of violation(s), with expense for same the responsibility of the property owner.

City Code regarding nuisance abatement serves to improve public safety, as well as property values throughout the community. Thank you for your cooperation!

Click on "More Info" for relevant City Codes.

Snowmobile Regulations

Snowmobilers are asked to follow guidelines established by City Code of Ordinances, which sets PUBLIC SAFETY and protection of PRIVATE and PUBLIC PROPERTY as a PRIORITY.

City streets which are not prohibited for snowmobile travel may be used only as the most direct route to leaving the city limits for operation of snowmobiles. Operation of snowmobiles on private property is only allowed with permission of the property owner.

Snowmobilers are asked to travel at safe speeds, yield to other traffic and not drive on private property.


Click on "More Info" for Chapter 75 of the City Code of Ordinances and fine schedule.


The City of Hampton Code of Ordinances provides for the registration of BICYCLES for the purpose of documenting ownership and proper equipping of bicycles being used.

Registration may be completed by bringing bicycle to City Hall, so thorough description (Make/Model/Color/Serial #) may be documented and license tag may be issued. FEE: $2.00

Bicycle registration helps to positively identify bicycles that are lost, found or stolen.

ROLLERBLADES, SKATES & SKATEBOARDS are PROHIBITED in Hampton's BUSINESS DISTRICT, and BICYCLES are NOT to be ridden on BUSINESS DISTRICT SIDEWALKS. This includes store fronts, courthouse and Bandshell Park properties. $5.00 FINE FOR VIOLATIONS.

THANK YOU FOR YOUR COOPERATION in keeping business district pedestrians safer!

If you have any questions regarding these regulations, contact the Hampton Police Department, 17 2nd Street NW (641)456-2529.

See "SAFETY TIPS - Bicycles" in the Law Enforcement section of this website for additional recommendations.

Click "More Info" for City Code regarding Bicycle, Skates & Skateboard regulations.

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Programs & Presentations

The Hampton Police Department is able to provide presentations upon request to service organizations, businesses, schools and other groups on a variety of subjects involving public safety issues.
Chief Bob Schaefer is the department's D.A.R.E. instructor for Hampton-Dumont Schools, which is another area of interest to many who are concerned about youth education on risks of drug abuse and violence.
Contact the Hampton Police Department to discuss program ideas and scheduling. (641)456-2529 or

SAFETY TIPS - Burglary Prevention

*Lock doors and windows (including basement & garage)
*Leave lights on inside and outside
*Place dowel in slider track of patio doors
*Install motion detector lights outside at all entrances
*Arrange for mail and newspapers to be picked up
*Arrange for lawn care and snow removal
*Turn down volume on telephone ringer, so burglar can't hear unanswered calls
Callers may remain anonymous. Police officers would rather have too many calls than miss the opportunity to catch a thief.
Citizens with concerns and/or information reference any criminal activity should contact the Hampton Police Department (641)456-2529, stop in at 17 2nd Street NW or email the department.
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Fingerprinting Services

Fingerprinting services are available at the Hampton Police Department (17 2nd Street NW) for a fee of $5.00 CASH or MONEY ORDER, payable at the time of service.
If fingerprint cards have been provided to you by an employer, company or agency, bring them with you to the Police Department.
It is recommended that you call ahead to check for officer availability for this service to avoid potential waiting, if your schedule allows for a limited amount of time.
Phone: 641-456-2529

SAFETY TIPS - Bicycles

ALWAYS wear a helmet when you ride.

ALWAYS do a safety check before you ride your bike (nothing loose or damaged).
NEVER give anyone a ride on your handlebars.
ALWAYS wear bright colors, so you can be seen.
ALWAYS have a light mounted on your bike when you ride at night.
ALWAYS make sure no loose clothing can get tangled in the wheels or bike chain.

1) Obey the same traffic signs and symbols cars and trucks obey.
2) Never go so fast that you can't turn or stop.
3) Look left, right and left again for traffic before entering or crossing a roadway.
4) Ride single-file and to the right on a roadway.
5) ALWAYS stop at STOP SIGNS and the curb.
6) Keep bike steady and ride in a straight line. DON'T clown around.
7) ALWAYS use hand signals when you stop and make a turn.
8) ALWAYS signal with your LEFT HAND.
9) ALWAYS brake before turning.
10) Walk (don't ride) your bike across busy intersections.

*Bike crashes kill 813 people every year and send another 567,000 to hospital emergency rooms with injuries.
*Bicyclists under the age of 16 account for 31% of all bicyclists killed and 43% of those injured in crashes in 1997. Bicyclists between the ages of 5-15 accounted for 30%.
*Every year 350,000 children under the age of 16 go to the hospital emergency room with bike related injuries; 130,000 of these children suffer head injuries.
*Bike helmets can reduce the risk of head injuries by 85%.
*Bike helmets are the single most effective safety device for reducing head injuries and death from bike mishaps.
*Broken arms mend, bruises heal, but a head injury can be forever.

Click on "More Info" for additional Bike Safety Information.

Business Emergency Contacts

The Hampton Police Department encourages local businesses to submit Emergency Contact Information for law enforcement reference in the event that circumstances occur at their business particularly after hours.

Information provided is held as CONFIDENTIAL for Law Enforcement use only.

Click on "More Info" for the form provided or pick one up at the Police Department.

Vacation Watch

In the event that residents within the city limits of Hampton desire to have their property checked periodically while away for an extended period of time, the Hampton Police Department offers security checks (doors & windows) of the premises while the occupant is away from home.

Information provided is CONFIDENTIAL and for law enforcement use only.

Contact the Hampton Police Department, 17 2nd Street NW, (641)456-2529, or complete and submit the form provided by clicking on "More Info".

Businesses are encouraged to submit Emergency Contact Information to the Police Department by completing a form provided under that heading and in the "Documents" section of this website under the Law Enforcement category.

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